CSI: The Mystery has been solved


On Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th August 300 students from Years 9-12 were treated to a rare opportunity to speak to people in industry about their jobs.

On Wednesday evening students were able to attend with a parent so it did not interfere with their school day. School groups booked in for the Thursday session. There were over 25 different careers profiled with students able to choose the ones of most interest to them. both groups heard from Former Socceroo Captain, Paul Wade who shared some of his stories of persistence.

CSI, Career Start Investigation, is an opportunity for students in Years 9-12 to investigate career options by hearing first hand from trades people and professionals what working in their industry is really like. Through a series of short presentations they will address some of the issues facing young people when looking at different career choices.

The good and not so good parts of the job, different careers and jobs within the industry and how to get a foot in the door.

Trying to coordinate 25 speakers and 250 students can be difficult and of course something will always go wrong. When the electrician that had been arranged didn't show for the evening session and then pulled out of the Wednesday morning session Kelvin Smith from KES Electrical came to the rescue. With only 2 hours notice Kelvin agreed to attend with his truck and gave the students an informative run down on what it's like in the electrical industry. Kelvin who has an Electrical business based in Castle Hill is also a keen supporter of the Work Placement program and has been taking students for a number of years.

The most popular sessions were Australian Federal Police, NSW Police and Defence Forces.


Sydney Hills Business Chamber